Indiana Dunes Great Marsh Trail


Project Goals

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore needs public support to achieve its potential as a regional and national asset. The DNPA will assist the park in a variety of ways:

  • Apply for grants and private sector funding to support the park.
  • Receive and administer funding for which the NPS is not eligible.
  • Publicize and encourage public support for park goals.
  • Advocate and represent the park to elected officials.
  • Extend the message of the park to community organizations and civic group meetings.
  • Fund things the NPS cannot pay for due to federal regulations.
  • Make and sell park-related merchandise to increase awareness and generate income.
  • Host special events.
  • Secure equipment and services through donation or purchase.
  • Assist in renovating and developing park facilities.

The DNPA recognizes the many other organizations active in the park protection and land conservation in the region and sees itself as a partner and collaborator with these organizations.

The DNPA will not:

  • Purchase or own land for conservation.
  • Act as an environmental advocacy organization.
  • Act on the behalf of any park other than the national park.
  • Conduct public training, workshops, or seminars.