3/18/17 - Tree Grafting and Pruning Workshop

Stewardship Day Ranger Pruning fruit trees increases production both in quality and quantity of the fruit. Grafting trees produces a better quality plant. Learn the art and science of grafting and pruning, and get ready for spring, at this half-day workshop. Working in partnership with the National Park Service and US Forest Service, you’ll graft scion wood to rootstock and plant grafted trees in pots to enhance fruit orchards at Chellberg Farm and Dunes Learning Center. Pruning will be conducted on fruit trees surrounding Dunes Learning Center and the grafting of apple trees will be held in Cowles Lodge. The program is from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m at the Dunes Learning Center.

There is a $35 tuition fee for the workshop. Each participant will take home two or three of the trees they graft, plus a grafting knife. Please register for the workshops at the Dunes Learning Center website